Nancy G. Brundrett

Nancy G. playing mandolin Nancy G. playing guitar


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By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

Faith and peace, we are promised to possess just a measure
Your Word promises release and strength however broken and weak I may be
Pour out your promises on me
Your promises buried in my heart
Your promises etched by love
Your promises flamed with hope
Your promises kissed with blessings
Your promises appear by faith
Give unto me my portion of promises, I pray
What's left over I will pass on to others
I promise this day
Unbroken promises only you can offer these
Your richness reaches down so everlasting, so timely, and at ease
Pour out your promises on me
Only you can unlock my spirit
Only you will unveil my inner beauty
Only you justly count my worth
Only you promise true goodness
Only you look beyond my weaknesses
If I sow your truth with gladness you promise rewards
Your stripes remind me through your sufferings and pain
I am promised now my gain
Your truth and might commands the seas to roll
Your light shining through me shatters all barriers in my soul
Pour out your promises on me
Promises as the skies open and close at your voice
Promises of your love always eternal
Promises of your grace, comfort and healings
Promises of your power, strong and unfurling for us to receive
Promises of a Savior's story for us to believe
You warm my soul and are holding my heart beating
Promising you my all, that's all I have, fix me, I'm broken
Let your promises rain down on me now and forever as you have spoken