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It's Just Another Day to Me

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It's Just Another Day to Me

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

It's just another day to me of past smiles & joys
I won't be revisiting the times when love was new and so real
Never tasting the cool, clean water of innocent affection again
Now what encumbers me is a cautious & painful reflex of loss

Element of surprise, waiting into the night for his expression of love
Then in my hands & heart I would hold it carelessly
Not knowing if I would ever see those gifts return
I see the cruelty of time has washed away all of it

This "Heart's Day" is just a reminder of what was
And what is not feeding my hungry heart now
But drifting & reflecting, I am comforted
By your past touch & warm breathe on my face

Today I don't know what love is anymore, only what it isn't
Some chosen few will join together this day in amorous affections
But not me, never will I surrender to the heart's pain again
Learning it is incomplete & risky to give when I feel no return

Valentine's Day speaks to me and says
"You can never waste any moments if you have loved."
"It is better to give than receive." It whispers
But the tears & years are a reminder of every mistake

Into another year gone by, I sit & stare out my window
Wind in the trees makes the leaves laugh & smile
The gentle rain can't be traced with my fingers
All I can touch are my tattered memories

This day will come & go like winter's cold breeze
All the wasted minutes & seconds when I loved
Expecting it to return to me like the ocean's waves
Only to realize you can't count on human love

The tide will come & go in a give & take motion
But love has a will of it's own
Leaving me behind again ironically
It's just another day to me