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Away in a Manger
Away in the Manger is the first song children learn for a Christmas song. I hope you enjoy my version... God bless this Christmas season.
Ballad of the Mighty One
This song has a TX Music country feel to it. You can Texas Two Step dance to this song...:-)  Texas music is very diverse. I think of the song "Wild Fire" by Michael Martin Murphey because it is a great song about a horse.
Beautiful Inside
Beauty is not always skin deep... It can be deeper still.. Within the heart & soul is the beauty I am searching for in you
Brand New Morning
"Sometimes words fall to the ground and do no justice"
Climb not Fall
I dreamed this song. God gave it to me in a dream in words and sound. So I know it is for a special person to listen to that God is talking to. Blessings.
Come and Go
Dancing with My Father
I can only tell you this story through an instrumental. The lyrics are having a hard time coming out of my heart. I have posted them under lyrics if you care to read. I will not be singing this ever..... It just breaks my heart more and it is already broken. This is inspired by my late father and my Father in heaven. My daddy came to me in a dream and this is what I have to say about it. I loved him and miss him so much. He can never be replaced...... I Am Dancing With My Father.... This song lets the Octave mandolin take the lead. I do a little harp..and double up on the guitar. I hope you enjoy and just kick back and let my sound bring you peace.
Deep Blue Sea
My life is like an ocean most of the time. Rivers always flowing into me-- "upon the waves of a deep blue sea"..
Don't Say It
... when I sing the words "Don't Say It", I need for that someone to SAY IT...
Flat Black Ford, She's A 31
Flat black ford 31 coupe, My dream car..or hotrod... Jump in, let's have some fun... :-)
Give It All to the Lord
 A prayer
Good Night's Sleep
What I need ...
Haunts Me So
Another sound of the heart
Having A Bob Dylan Day
Well have you ever had a Bob Dylan Day? His lyrics are so real and I can relate to them.
Headed to Smokey's
A country song....
I Am Free
I Am not Here
I'd Be Free
Live cut
I Have A Song
The lyrics are written by my friend Christina from Canada. I took the words and made this sound. I hope you like it.
If I Needed Someone
My interpretation of the Beatles song.
In My Heart
Come into my heart and find me...
In My Life
Of Beatles' fame...
In My Room
Brian Wilson's (of the Beach Boys) song, folk-style
In Remembrance
"Retroflective"...that is what this song is..
Jesus in Me
I Got Jesus In Me!!
Like the Rain I Am
You somehow showed me...
Long Hard Road
Life is a journey that sometimes is a "Long Hard Road". .
Lost along the Way
Just another "Heartmusic" song....This recording is a live one take cut. The open places are where I would like to put other instruments, like harmonica or fiddle. I hope you like it. I am still kind of working on this one.
Lost and Found
As i stare out the windowpane into a picture, in a frame... "Retroflective"
Message in A Bottle
Have you ever been to the ocean and told its waves your deepest secret? I have... In a message in a bottle..drifting out to sea
Missing You
I seem to be going "Bob Dylan" lately...
Texas Americana. This song is written by a dear friend of mine, Smokey Wilson. I put a hint of heart music to this song. I hope you enjoy the listen. This is a one take live vocal, harmonica and guitar. I tune to a drop down D
My Raptured Heart
"Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed-- in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed."
Old Rugged Cross
Dream your life...then live your dream.. My elderly mother passed away recently. This was her favorite hymn. The lyrics are original, but the melody is from my heart and soul. I hope you enjoy my celebration of my mom entering the kingdom of God... Mary Sue Gottschall was, is her name and she was a concert pianist...with a beautiful spirit. Rest in peace mom, Nancy G
Please Don't Go
...Hmmm.."Just say you love me so" :-)
Pour your love ..... Let it shine all around me....
A song to describe my heartmusic sound...
Silent Heart
If a Silent Heart could be heard, it would be the words and sound of this song
Somewhere in Time
Speak to Me
I feel the feeling, but I need to hear the words...so speak to me...
"Sunrise" is a nice song about the sunrise & remembrance of watching it in someone's eyes....
Texas Girl
I'm a Texas Girl..can you handle that??? Texas Girl...
There Is A Time
Mary Sue Mills Gottschall Oct. 25th, 1918- Nov. 4th 2004 I dedicate these lyrics and this song to the memory of my late lovely mother who would have been 87 years young today, Oct 25th. In just a few days will mark the day when her soul entered into eternity where she will forever be with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Think of Me
This is a live one take vocal and 12 string song. It first was a poem, but then I put sound to the heartful lyrics. I hope you enjoy the sounds from my heart.
Warm Terlingua Sun
This song was born because of my awesome musical and spiritual experience when I visited the deserts of the Big Bend National Park in a little place called Terlingua.
What You Do to Me
Love is a mystery to me....
You Did Not See Her Cry
What I am going through right now....