Nancy G. Brundrett

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Life is Like a Flower

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Life is Like a Flower

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

Life is like a flower
Sown in darkness
Light brings growth
Rains pour out pretty colors
Beautiful but yet so fragile
Life is like a flower
God sows the breath of life
Here and then gone so fast
Grasping towards the sun
The warmth is comforting in times of trouble
Petals and leaves are like wings
Hands raising up toward the glowing light and glimmering stars
Praising the lover of our souls, the Creator
Life is like a flower
So perfect, so dynamic is this creation
Colors, colors, colors
Beauty to the beholder
Different in many ways
But still alike
Wanting the basic needs in life as others
Life is like a flower
God holds the flowers up, up, up to the light of the sun
Tasting the fountain of joy within the fellowship of the Lord
And it is good.
So sad is the mystery of death, so final, so untouchable
Rivers of everlasting water touch my heart ..... a gift
The long and winding road leads me to the greatest promise of promises.
Life is like a flower
Here one day and gone the next, returning to the earth
Physical life is lost many ways, so sad to us, so sad
But great is the vision I see, eternal life with the spirit
Blooming forever .. beauty abounding forever
Life as we know it will pass away
My soul will dwell forever in His garden
Life is like a flower to me
We are blooming flowers
Living forever
In a new garden of Eden made just for us