Nancy G. Brundrett

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I Wish You Time

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I Wish You Time

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

If you need time
Then I wish you time
I pray time comes your way
Time to stop
And rest your weary soul
By a river
And hear it's song

Time to right all the wrongs
Time.I wish you time

Yes you have time
But not the time
You really need or long for
You have time to travel
endless highways
On your way
through your timeless days

Miles of time down the backroads
of your life

You have time for your daily bread and needs
Your stride seems endless
But real time.I wish for you
Time to dream
Time to rest
And do the thing
That you love best

I wish you time

Time that is not bound by a wristwatch
That reminds you to hurry back
On your way to end the day
And fall into the night
Thinking . I need time for me
My life here on earth
I wish you time

Time to love
and give time to others
Time to listen
and hold little children
In your lap and rock in a chair
Not a care in the world
Plenty of time for you

Time is endless to God
He has nothing to do with time
He just is
Father time

I wish you time
To walk an abandon shoreline
Searching for treasures
That wash
to the end
of the waves
Time to smile.yes

Time to look around
And enjoy the evening
Of your life
I wish you time.
You are kind
and need time
Time to be you

I wish you time..
endless time
I am wishing you time