Nancy G. Brundrett

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If You Were Mine

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If You Were Mine

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

If you were mine I'd never leave your side
I'd be your shadow in the light
And your only warmth into the night
With my eyes opened or closed
All I would see would be you again
For your soul wraps around me
Like a tight vine on a tree

If you were mine with words and care I'd lift you
Carrying you down to the water's edge
Where it meets deep rich earth
Please let me give you more
In me you built a fountain longing to pour
Near you, on you, inside you
Now is the moment, love's liquid entering empty vessels

If you were mine I would feel so completely
Tried, true and tested
Years and memories rolling into new ones
It's so much better now than before
Seems my heart caught up to yours my friend
If your world was mine
Nothing would stop my shine

If you were mine, I wouldn't be so lost
Without you in my life
Where there is no rhythm or rhyme
As I slumber in my sleep cold and alone
I see the dreams you have shown
But I am not whole, only a half
Feels like there is a crack in my soul

If you were mine I'd feel your caress inside me
Warm, strong, gentle and deeply engraved forever you
Looking back on this path I see only your love for me was true
How did you know? What depth it would grow
Now I stand without our amorous engagement
Precious gold it was for me to hold
Gravity and magnitude, this feeling will never be bought or sold

If you were mine, yes maybe one day
We will turn back time where true love's fire never dies
No matter how long the smoldering coals wait
I still feel your heat; see those sparks dance in the sky

These days I've been learning to fly and I am inwardly dying
That day, not so long ago, when we touched again,
I recognized what I needed so much, and what I let slip away

This never-ending river runs so deep
Endlessly moving and pushing through space
My hands so want to smooth out the wrinkles in your face
And I will take the time in my mind, in my day, your image I will trace
Wondering what it would feel like for your love to fall into me
Sleeping close, holding tight, with warm kisses way into the night
My eyes wide open always ready to fight off this dream's flight