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Firefly Cry

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Firefly Cry

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

There was a time long ago a little firefly was born... she lived in a little firefly home, grew up and learned to fly. This little bug had no glow though. It asked it's mom...when will I "shine"...mom said ...soon and you will "shimmer"..but you will have some pain and not glow as long as some of your little firefly friends...

The little firefly remembered those words and wondered what they could mean... I am young and full of sparks... Its little life went on into the end of the summer... the wind in the trees at night would let this little firefly "fly"... Then one day a little hand swallowed her whole... and placed her "shine" in a bottle... trapped so others could watch her glow. The little firefly remembered the words of her mom as she glowed and glowed and glowed for the little young eyes to ponder upon... little firefly wanted, needed to fly to be refueled with glow power, but she was trapped. Hopeless and helpless she flew around and around in the little jar. The next day she awoke to the daylight... she had never seen daylight before because her home was in a dark place to protect her and her "glow"...she looked around and no one was there, just a glass wall around her. She could see out... wow... day is a new thing for me to see... then the sunset... she had never seen one before... her glow was going away, but she didn't care... she was watching a sun melt into the horizon.. she was getting very tired and also close to death because she needed to be somewhere else to stay alive and be free to fly... but as the sun poured into the night... she felt the light enter her body. Next a little hand freed her... and she flew and she flew into new heights and new channels of the winds that blew... her glow did shine and shimmer... you see, her captivity made her weak, but in her weakness she learned how to be strong through the power of God's sunset...

She is glowing blue now though.. crying... she's in another jar again, but she isn't sure the little hands will come and free her soul and spirit and her precious glowing light.. She fears that the sunset will not come in time to save her... poor little firefly...

Firefly Cry...