Nancy G. Brundrett

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In this Stillness

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In this Stillness

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

Have I been here before, in the beginning of time when my soul was born.
In this stillness set into motion I draw near to the only sound I hear.
Gravity pulls me to my beating heart so clear.
So I stop the pace & motion. I let it catch up to this emotion.
But this stillness is all I have. I'm caught in this moment in time.
This moment of it's rhythm and it's rhyme in this stillness.
It's just another day to me.
Where all I want is to be free in this stillness.
In this stillness is a river and it flows into the sunset.
Quietness you are a friend of mine.
You are new to me.
You surround all I have & take me into this stillness.
I've got a runaway heart in this stillness & moment in time.
It was so cold in here, but now you drew near.
Please don't disappear into this stillness again.
We stumble on our way as we walk through each and every day.
Runaway hearts in this stillness
Do we wait until we know, does this feeling tell you so
As we sat upon this sand .. we can hear the ocean roll.
In this stillness
When our night become today and we know we can stay
In this stillness
But our hearts are not alone
As we journey on our own
In this stillness
Well what about now .. will we ever know how
How to see
How to touch
How to talk
How to hear
As we enter into an embrace heart's touching
Feel your breathing, beating so close
My waters pour on you ... 'cuz with you I'm not so blue
In this stillness

With your eyes so golden
Won't you reach out I need holding
In this stillness
All that's keeping me alive
Is your love in 4 wheel drive
In this stillness
But I see your chains....