Nancy G. Brundrett

Nancy G. playing mandolin Nancy G. playing guitar

Headed to Smokey's

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Headed to Smokey's

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

Headed to Smokey's and I'm watching the sunset
Poured me a cold one, but I ain't there yet
He always makes me smile
'Cuz he's walking a country mile
Telling his stories in his song

He's singing about that ole "Texas Bitch"
She done left him with an angry, angry itch
The cowboy blues
And paying all the dues
Texas dance halls can hear his call

"Cowboy in the Whitehouse" is playing on the radio
He loves his country if you ask him he'll tell you so!
Don't mess with Texas or his guitar
Just hand him another Lone Star
A true Texan by far

Now he don't like, well I talk too much
Always forgives me with his tender touch
He says."Hey girl settle down"
"Kick back and listen to my sound"
A Texas attitude he has found

Headed to Smokey's place
Where I'm greeted with a friendly face
Close friends are hard to find
He always give me his precious time

Headed to Smokey's place one more time
I really dig his rhythm and his rhyme
Close friends are hard to find
But he give me his time

North on 183
Texas music is setting me free
North on 183
To see Smokey