Nancy G. Brundrett

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Good Night's Sleep

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Good Night's Sleep

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2004

I close my eyes and try to sleep
But that's when I start to thinking
So I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Lord all I need's a good night's sleep

Another night of restless thoughts again
Have you ever been there my friend?
Here comes morning light
But I'm still lost in the night

If only I could fly back in time
Find my rhythm and find my rhyme
I'd dot the "i"s, cross the "t"s
Fix what's ailing me

Come to me oh restful place
Like a gentle rain that's I can trace
Don't make me wait for the sun to rise
Let me look into your eyes

Like the universe for all to see
Let your love come and hold me
Rock me gentle until I feel free
In your garden I want to be

Take away all my tears
Take away all those years
Take me higher into a place
God put a smile upon my face

So, I'll get up each morning with hope and light
Walk through me day with your love shining bright
I still believe, so I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Lord all I needs a good night sleep

Good night's sleep
I ain't asking for much
Good night's sleep
Let me feel your gentle touch
And give me a good night's sleep...