Nancy G. Brundrett

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Somewhere in Time

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Somewhere in Time

By Nancy G. Brundrett
© 2003

The clouds move by and the earth spins around
The days turn into years and yesterday is just a song
I'm looking back somewhere in time
I'm looking back when you were mine
Somewhere in time

You flew higher than I would ever soar
You climbed higher than I would ever go
And I looked as you flew and I watched as you climbed
You climbed higher

Now sometimes in the moonlight I think I see your face again
And at times on a cold night well I feel your warmth once more
But it's all in a dream long ago when you were here
And I was near you

Remember when our hearts were one, close together as the candles burned
I reach for you in the darkness but you're gone and the page is turned
And I long for the day when I could say you were mine
And I could hold you

As I sit and I sing this song I can never say goodbye to those memories
In my mind I still see your face and I long for just one last embrace
And I'll go thru my life with your image in my heart
And there I'll keep you