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Thursday, March 17, 2005
I Get High On Sunshine


By: Rod McKuen ( one of the best heartful poets I have ever read) Go to his website and buy his awesome poetry books. I think I own every single one of them. The best ones to get are the ones you find in old Book stores. Most of the books of his are from the 70's. It is a treasure to find some one's hand me down "Rod McKuen book" in a used book store. It is so cool to read on the first pages of the old books from the original buyers. They always write something so special. A place in time when that person needed that book to get through something or just some heart poetry lover's remarks. Well, that is what makes my heart and soul so happy, when I have some one elses Rod McKuen books from the past in my hand that is for sale in a used book store. Who in the world would EVER trade in one of his books?

Sunset Colors, Two

By: Rod McKuen

I'll race you up the hill
we can be children
if we want to be.
It's spring
and there's a difference
between children's games and
we are not so old
that we cannot still be mystified
by marigoldsor dazzled by the dandelion
carpeting the ground
horizon to horizon.
Hurry up
grab my hand
be carefulbut not with me.
Why am I running so fast?
To get there soonest.
I told you once
that I get high
on sunshine
and you may take that
any way you like.
Be careful
invisible tunneling of moles
has made the ground
a minefield.

-from "Celebrations of the Heart," 1975 and "Watch for the Wind," 1983
written by: Rod McKuen

Blessings to you,

Nancy G


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