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Monday, November 27, 2006
Jesus Is as defined from A to Z

A for Able, Awesome, Almighty God, A Calmer of All storms, Answerer of All prayers

B for Beloved, Beautiful, giver of all Blessings,Bread of life

C for Comforter, Charity, Creator, Compassion, Counsellor

D for Deliverer, Deity, Divine

E for Eternal, Encourager, Everlasting...Everything

F for Faithful, Friend, Forceful, fullness of the Godhead, Forgiveness, forever

G for Glorious, Grace, Keeper of the Gate, Great physican

H for Holy, Holy Spirit

I for Intercessor

J for Just, Joy

K for King of Kings, Kindness, Keeper

L for Lord, Lovely, Lover of my soul, Light of the world, Living God, Love

M for Majesty, Mighty God, Miracle worker, Master, Mercy, Messiah

N for Name above all other names

O for Oneness of the Godhead

P for Peacemaker, Powerful, the Path, Provider, Prince of Peace

Q for Quick to answer prayers

R for Redeemer, the Rock of Ages

S for Savior, Saving Grace, Song in my heart

T for Tower of Power, Timeless, The Truth

U for Unmoveable, Unity, Upright

V for Victorious, the Vine

W for Walks on Water, the Way, the Word, Water into Wine

X for Xtraordinary!!!

Y for Yearning Love and forgiveness

Z for Zealous

From A to Z His is our Alpha and Omega!

In His Grip,



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