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Monday, November 27, 2006
From A to Z Jesus Is:

A for Able, Awesome, Almighty God
B for Beautiful, Beloved, Blessed
C for Caring, Charity, Creator, Comforter, Counsellor, my Compass
D for Divine, Deliverer
E for Eternal, Encourager, Everlasting
F for Faithful, Fullness, Forgiving
G for Grace, Glorious, Greatness
H for Holy, Healer
I for Intercessor
J for Just, Joy
K for King of Kings, Kind
L for Lord, Light, Lily of the Valley
M for Master, Mericful, Mighty God
N for Never far away,Name above all names
O for Ominous, Oneness, Only God
P for Purity, Power
Q for Quick to solve all problems
R for Redeemer, Righteous, Real friend in times of trouble
S for Savior, Saving Grace, Sanctified, Song in my heart, Spirit in my soul
T for Tower of Power, Timeless
U for Unmoveable, Upright, Utmost Power, Unity, Understanding
V for Victorious, the Vine
W for the only Way, Wonderful, the Word, Worthy, Willing
X for Xtraordinary
Z for Zealous

For every letter in the alphabet there are many words that describes the attributes of Jesus Christ!

In His Grip,



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