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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Nancy Gottschall Brundrett
Born in Yokohama, Japan
June 7th, 1952
On the 7th day of the week
7th day of the month
Weighting 7 lbs. and 7 oz.
Born at 7 minutes after 7
On the 7th floor of the Japanese Hospital
Room 7

I think 7 is my lucky number.

Well, celebrate with me today. I am very blessed. God has given me a beautiful family and a grandson too. God has blessed me with His Spirit. He has also given me the gift of songwriting and poetry. The Lord has blessed my soul with the gift of being able to play the guitar and perform my Heart Music sound.

So thank you Lord for loving me and gifting me with special gifts. I am grateful.

I will make my annual birthday trip to the ocean to watch the sun set and melt into the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico in Corpus Christi today....

Blessings to all that come to my blog journal site..

Nancy G Brundrett

My favorite poet
Rod McKuen

San Francisco Poem

To learn the how of happiness
to understand its why
you need an eye that looks inside,
an ear that hears sweet thunder
long before it makes a noise.
All things cannot be captured
or even understood
good is so much of itself
not found out or explained.
And rain is only rain to some
but holy water to all lovers.
A condiment,
as sun to earth is merely
the other side of shade.
First battles
are the ones remembered best
they occupy an equal space
in heads bent over with too many years
even sickness will not force them
from the mind afire with pain.
These memories are like the lark
reoccurring and returning out of season.
Red heart, red blood are so akin
they are and have been always
fellow travelers.
Twelve past the hour of twelve,
so says this headís history book,
stars aplenty and of every kind
enough to fill a lower heaven up,
to burst and burn inside the eye.
Then flicks of light,
dot, dot, dash -
not stars exploding in the trees
but something else
finishing almost before it first arrived.


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