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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Canyon Spirit

By: Nancy G. Brundrett

The gentle evening breeze on my face

Takes over my senses

as I rest from the desert like heat

The Indian sunset swirls with warm dusty colors

With the majestic celebration of a new day to come

And now washes away yesterday in the sky

Leaving only thoughts and memories etched in my mind

The smell of this ancient canyon is a familiar scent

it cools the crisp, dry arid winds

The lonesome trees that stand near the rivers

Are splashed with rustic hues

bending their limbs from the heat of thousands of days

Rooted deeply because of the fear of no water

Reflections of this beautiful sunset are painted on the canyon river waters

as they slowly meander south

The ocean waves of old formed these rocky caverned terraces

They crashed through and craved this canyon land

The cool canyon breeze on my face

Relieves the weariness deep inside my bones

from the sizzling heat and arid climate

How many souls have sat at the bottom

Of this canyon land and thought

of the powerful hand of God

That formed this special place

If I listen hard enough, I can hear the past voices of Indians

and travelers that walked these paths

A past and a future we all possess

That sojourns this magical haven

but the canyon has no past or future

It just stands strong forever never changing

Breathing in all the spirits breathe

exhaling all fear and worries

Night is upon me now with the moon and the stars

Shining in the dark veiled sky

it is time to slow down, be still and listen

And let the Spirit catch up to my heartbeat and desires

Life is good today as I rest in the everlasting arms

Of my creator and lover of my soul


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