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Sunday, April 17, 2005
Seeking the peace of God?


Poem authored by Cynthia W. Harris

Resting on the Arms of Eternal Peace
Rising up in the rapture
To meet Jesus in the air is where I will be
To look at the Savior face to face
To worship and praise Him
For His Amazing Grace.
There were times when I had little faith.
Thank you Lord for keeping me in Your Word
And showing me the way.
Lord You said that You would release the bonds
That hinder us day to day
Only if we trust You and humble ourselves when we pray.
There is a great comfort in the Saviorís arms
Just seek Him and He will keep youSafe from harm.
The Winds of God are blowing
In the Holy Place
Preparing His children
To one day soon see His face.
Only then can we say
We are truly
Resting on the Arms of Eternal Peace
With our Precious Savior and Lord
Is where we will be.

*I pray that everyone who comes to my journal and reads this special poem will find the peace of God in their life!


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