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Sunday, February 27, 2005

By: Paul Gordon and John Caird

You mustn't be revengeful
You have to be strong
To offer good for evil
Return right for wrong
We must not hold a grudge
And we must learn to endure
Then as God is your judge
At least your heart will be pure
Forgiveness is the mightiest sword
Of those you hate
Will be your highest reward
When they bruise you with words
When they make you feel small
When it's hardest to bear
You must do nothing at all
Forgiveness is the simplest vow
Of all their crimes
Is your deliverance now
Bless those souls
Who would curse your name
When the last bell tolls
You'll be free of blame
You can continue to grieve
But know the gospel is true
You must forgive those who lie
And bless them that curse you
Forgiveness is the mightiest sword
Of those you fear
Will be your highest reward
The time will come when we will leave this world,
and the injustice and the pain and the sin
will fall away from us,
and only the spark of the spirit
will remain--returning to God who created it.
You must never lose Faith
You must never lose Heart
God will restore your trust
And I know you're afraid
I'm as scared as you are
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love.


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