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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It is dark now, but I see the sun vaguely rising
Always waking before the dawn
My heart wakes me up because it never rests

Waking before the sun rises seems to be a ritual for me
The light shines in again on my eyes
I understand the fresh start of a new day

Here I am waiting to capture another sunrise
I have seen thousands of mornings breaking
Hoping for a special one yet never disappointed

Right before sunrise is a good time to listen
No noise, but a few cars from the distant highway
No real light, just manmade ones

Again waiting to for another sunrise
My heart is still restless, yet somehow content
Memories and future joys keep my heart still beating

Forever, what an everlasting word
Timeless, frozen in faith and hope
Ready for the awakening of a new dawn

Oh the quiet time right before dusk
The stillness as the birds find a home for the night
Orange hued clouds paint a brilliant sunset

Peering out my bedroom window
I can see the dew resting on the ground
Sunrise is coming soon to all the lost and found

Must be a new chapter in my book called life
It is still unfolding like a winter rose
Beautiful yet the pain of the thorns

They can prick my hands and heart
Holding it carefully so my blood will not run again
It is a cautious ritual; Iíve done this before

Yes, I have dwelled in the valley of the shadow of death
Reminding myself my cup does overflow with blessings
Surely I will dwell in His house forever one day

Through it all I truly love my life
All the good and bad rolled into one emotion
The Spirit keeps me sailing on the ocean of each new day

Another day is being born
Time to seek the peace that passes all understanding
Thatís the only way to lose the seemingly useless days

Awaking too early, when will this stop?
Then I could slumber a little longer
In my dreams I search for peace of mind

Golden years of fond memories
I have captured love before
Held it in my hands just for a little while

It felt like a fragile butterfly
So frail and light to the touch
Opening up my hands, it flew away

One love stands tall in the dawn of this new day
My Creator looks down on me
Watches me sojourn through each moment in time

He shines his lantern on my unknown paths
Leading me and guiding me into His light
His everlasting love holds me close

In times of trouble I feel His strong grip
In peaceful moments there is a gentle touch
I find comfort in the arms of God

Still one day I will feel the awakening
My life and loves will be complete and satisfying
Then I can rest past the sun rising while in golden slumber

As the sun rises for me this early morning
Show me your truths and righteousness
Keep me safe within your fold, dear Shepherd of my soul



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