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Monday, November 15, 2004
Mom - My Hero
By: Ashley Brundrett
age 13 - 1996

My mom is a hero in many ways
Always ready for the problems each day

She helps me get through difficult things
And supports in what each day brings

Every time that I am in sorrow
My mom is there with a tissue to borrow

If I need support in something I'm in
My mom is there yelling "Go, Fight, Win!"

I am thankful for the hero in my Mother
If I was asked I wouldn't want another

I always wanted to be like my Mother
By helping people's problems we are like each other

A better person I want to be
By watching my mom's kindness is how I see

Mom, if you are reading I want you to see
What you're doing in my life is so special to me

I want to be a better person because of you
Following your footsteps
I want to help people's lives too

You are very special and a fantastic mom too
When I have kids I want to be just like you

Then I would teach them like I was taught
Kindness is given and not bought

What you have given me in life is special indeed
You taught me not to be selfish, snooty,
Or filled with greed

I will carry this through and use it all the time
Because I know being rude is one's self crime

In conclusion to my poem
There are many things to state
You are a number one if I had to rate

Right now there is just one thing left to say
"Thank you Mother for your help
In the past and today."


Thank you Ashley for those words. I wish I could have read that poem to my mom and your grandmother, who is one of the best mom's and child of God I have even known. She is now is God's eternally kingdom with a big crown and wings so she can fly.

Nancy G Brundrett


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