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Monday, October 18, 2004
By: Rod McKuen
(a great site for the poetry lover)

The road turns here,
up ahead you see it
dissolving in the dust.
I would have you now
dissolving into me
held aloft
by my arms only.
Hanging onbut letting go.
The sky
is cloudless here
look above
and you can see it
blue on blue,
and not breathing.
I would wish for you
the same clear
cloudless eye
seeking mine
forwardly and true
not breathing
and bareheaded
as I breathe my way
through you.
The sun
is friendly here
look just left
and you can see it
warm but kindly so and clearly caring.
I would ask of you
that you be ever warm
willing to be kind
not letting me forget
that kindness is the passport
and the proven way
for two to journey through
a lifetime, each other,
or a single summer's day.

I am glad I have all my Rod McKuen books with me. They just happened to be in my vehicle. Poetry helps heal my broken heart. Also music is a healer. I write and perform "Heartmusic"..visit my site of songs, poetry &

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Nancy G


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