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Sunday, September 05, 2004

His face is leathered by the sun
He rises early to get his chores done
He’s a cowboy with soul and heart
But there is a ritual before his day is to start
I see him rise, stand towards the new day
He removes his hat with prayerful words to say
Cowboy hat and right hand over his heart
This is how I suppose his prayer would start
“Lord, thank you for the blessings from above
I’m thankful for the sunrise and the morning dove
Thanks for the kindness of strangers and a friend
Hear my praises as to heaven they will ascend
Make my day safe and surround me with smiles
For each moment I travel, there are so many miles
Care for my cows, horses and my land
Hear my prayer now and help me to understand
The good and the evil all around
Within this space let me hear your sound
Always remind me of the golden rule
Something I never learned in any school
"Do unto others, as I would have them do unto me"
Hear my cowboy prayer and let my pleadings come to be
I pray safe passage for my steps and my friends
On wings of angels, your blessings you will send
Keep me, hold me, protect and provide
For sometimes my life is like a carnival ride
Help me stay in the saddle today
Day or night, Lord, show me your way
As my days turn into many long years
Sometimes no faith and I’m full of fears
My silent tears only you can see
Come with your Spirit and set me free
Free to fly to you in heaven one day
As I get older and have weakened bones
Lord, someday lift me up to your throne
This is my cowboy prayer today
Let your Spirit dwell inside me and always stay
Safe protection from enemies or harms that may come my way
Thankful for the fruits of my labor, the grasses and the rain
As I ride my horse with the winds in her mane
Take this ole' cowboy home to glory
I read all your promises in the gospel story
I will dwell in heaven someday unknown
Lord continue to bless my loved ones as I kneel by your throne
Upon my horse at the end of the dusty trail
Light my path; help my faith not to fail
Lead me from the valley of the shadow of death
Guide my way until my very last breathe”

To all the cowboys, rich blessings on your trails,

Nancy G


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