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Friday, July 02, 2004
So what have I been doing? I have been having some fun. I go up to Boerne, TX quite often to visit my Texas Music friend, Katherine Dawn. You should check out her site. She is extremely talented. It is fun to exchange musical heartbeats and songs together.
We went on a "Road Trip" deep in the hill country to a special place. It was a retreat in the middle of nowhere. I had heard that Ashley Cleveland would be there to perform her awesome style of rock and blues. Ashley Cleveland is a two time Grammy award winner also. As we drove in to the seceded retreat, there were waterfalls everywhere. The Frio River runs next to the camp. We have had so much rain, all the grass, trees and flowers were so green. I thought I was in New Mexico or Colorado. In the hill country we have some mountains too. The Frio river was flowing by at the bottom of a rock-sided mountain. The water was so clear I could see the fish and the turtles swimming around.
We actually had to drive down a river as a road to get to the lodge. Driving out at midnight was so beautiful with the moon's light to help guide us down the river road.

Ashley Cleveland and her husband were there to share their music. Ashley has quite a testimony of deliverance. She grew up in Nashville and was in many bands. She has a tremendous voice. Ashley Cleveland pulled out a purple jumbo Gibson guitar. She started playing her music. It was so heartfelt. The little concert was very personal also. The audience was just the campers. So I was front row to about 20 other listeners. She is greatly influenced by Neil Young. Her husband played a sweet lead to her songs.She started playing the Rolling Stones song, "It's Just a Shot Away" in her unique bluesy way. I really couldn't believe I was there. After her acoustic concert folks from the audience got up and played their songs on the guitar and sang. They were pretty good. Ashley Cleveland knew Katherine Dawn and I were Texas Music artists. She invited Katherine Dawn and me to play and sing an original song. Well, no probably for Katherine, she used Ashley Cleveland's husband guitar and sang a special song called "San Marcos River Girl". The crowd was overwhelmed by the song. Next I was to play, but the only problem was I am left-handed and needed a left-handed guitar. There were none there. I knew I should have loaded up my guitar, but we were in a hurry. Well, Ashley asked me to sing it vocals only. So I did. I sang, "Come and Go"..This is a spiritual song. The acoustics in the room made my voice sound pretty good. Some of the folks in the audience were actually crying. My heartmusic touched their souls and hearts. That made me feel good. We left that heavenly place about midnight and got to Katherine's ranch in Boerne, TX about 2:30 am. It was a long drive home.

It was kind of a "God Thang" how we were blessed to attend that little concert.

"It is beautiful to speak of God to man. We cannot fully understand the nature of God because we are not God, but we can make ready our consciousness to understand, and grow through, the visible expressions of God" Kahlil Gibran

"I feel art-which is the expression of what floats, moves and becomes an essence in one's soul-is more suited and conformable to your rare talents than research-which is the expression of what floats, moves and becomes an essence in society" Kahlil Gibran

"Music is art. Music is a gift sown with love to others. Everyone is saying that music is love. God is love. Do you understand now that God is the giver and we are the receivers. We are the vessels he fills up with His Spiritand music flows out of the vessels to reach and touch others. Sometimes the sounds of the heart are there just to heal the artist." "Nancy G" Firefly

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God bless you with rich blessings now and forever,

Nancy G "Firefly"


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