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Sunday, October 12, 2003
Rainy Sunday thoughts and poems...
written by a dear friend of mine..
Mika Mathews

Have You Ever Loved?

Have you ever loved a person who didn't love you back
Have you ever loved somebody whose love you surely lacked
Have you ever felt as though you were a lock without a key
What about a wave that wondered from the sea
Have you ever thought of being a captain with no crew
What about a lawyer who couldn't even sue
A dog without a house or a horse without a barn
A farmer who is plowing but doen't have a farm
Have you ever met a salesman who really couldn't sell
Found a beach without the water or the sand without a shell
Have you ever tried to surf but didn't have a board
Tried to play guitar but you didn't know a chord
Have you ever seen a forest that didn't have a tree
Have you ever met a blind man who actually could see
Do you ever felt as though you are an engine with no car
Have you ever seen a roofer who didn't have some tar
Do you ever think of being a river without rocks
Or a door which stood alone and never received knows
Have you ever seen a dawn that came without the dew
This is how I feel when I think of loving you

* one more from Mika for good measure...
she wrote these when she was about 16 yrs. old
"retroflective...just the way I like it!"


His soft brown eyes
shone through the darkness
sheltering me from the storm.

A burning passion deep
within ignites a flame
inside my heart.

Feelings I've never felt.

Saying words I've never said.

And then his voice comes to me,
carried by the wind.

A sweet sound I've never heard,
but hope to hear again.

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I love sunrises, sunsets, clouds, the ocean and it's waves....

sunrise or sunset

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Have a beautiful day and let the spirit stay with you
into the night....

"sound of the heart make this moment unwind
true love never dies, it rests within this vine"

Nancy G "Firefly"


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