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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Watching another day and night slip away
I try to capture the reality of each moment
Don't want anything important to pass me by
I just want to be real

Love to feel the summer breeze on my face
Feel the warmth of the day lighten the load
My senses are keen, each second I will trace
I just want to be real

Singing to the sunset frees my soul
Eyes set on a setting sky , a time to pray and reflect
My life, my heart, my soul yearn to be whole
I just want to be real

Taking in the starry night sky
Stars sometimes turn into falling ones
Make a wish, digging deep into my needs
I just want to be real

Down to sleep this night
Sometimes cold and alone
But a spirit in my soul glows bright
I just want to be real

Always searching
Always reaching
Eyes wide open
I just want to be real


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